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Choosing the best Creative Agency

Choosing the right creative partners for your business could be a tough task. The more choices you explore the more confused you get. Amidst all the options and proposals you come across, the question that keeps you sleepless at night is which of these agencies will do the job well and bring in maximum ROI for your business? I have compiled three key factors that you should always analyze while choosing the best agency for your creative needs.

How well do they understand your business?

Understanding your business

The entire research and design approach needed for a baby product would be completely different from that of an enterprise software product in the Fin-tech space. You need to evaluate how quickly are they able to understand your business model, your audience persona, and your positioning in the market. If the Account Manager from the agency is keen to know about your competitors in the first meeting and showcases his grasp of the business domain in the next couple of days, you might want to keep this agency up on your list.

How varied is their portfolio?

Strong Portfolio

A portfolio that depicts variety not only means that the agency has been working in this business for quite some time, but it also reflects their capacity to build custom solutions based on the precise need of their customers. Always look out for an agency that has worked in multiple business domains and verticals and has catered to customers of varied sizes and different stages of venture life-cycle. This speaks volumes for their expertise in comprehending requirements and coming up with out-of-the-box creative solutions.

How clearly do they communicate?

Clear Communication

Ambiguity and gaps in understanding lead to most break-ups between brands and creative agencies. Look out for agencies that ask you the right set of questions and come back with precise information on the process and other project parameters. While clear terms on the cost and duration of the project are crucial, look out for companies that also talk about a benchmark quality and success metric in the context of your potential engagement with them. Promptness in email responses also reflects the professionalism and commitment of the agency to serve you.

These are some key aspects that can be evaluated even before you commit yourself to your first engagement with a creative agency.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts. Do mention the challenges you have faced in working with creative agencies in the past.


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