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Animated vs Live Action Videos

‘Video is the most powerful tool to connect with your potential customers’. While this is perhaps the most cliched thing you might read on the internet lately, as a marketer, you somehow understand that it is true. Now, the question lies in what type of videos can work best for your business. Is a live-action shoot better or would animated videos convey your story more effectively? While it is not a very simple to answer question, animated videos do present a strong case because of the following reasons:

Abstraction from unnecessary details

Imagine a scene where your see a mobile phone on screen. A lot of thoughts might go across your mind. What is the make of the phone? What is the configuration of the phone? How much might be the cost? Now imagine a simple smartphone illustration. The only thing that comes to your mind is that it is a phone and serves its purpose of being a phone. It is this abstraction from unnecessary details that make animation the easiest way of telling an engaging story.

Fascination with cartoons

People are hard-coded to love cartoons since childhood. An animated character with things falling all over the place can not keep even Stephen Hawkins avoid a chuckle.  Cartoons capture wild imaginations. They are definitely the most colorful and playful way of storytelling. Besides, the fun element ensures that the stories are easy to grasp.

Scope of exaggeration

Advertising is about being loud in telling your story. More often than not some ads tend to go overboard with exaggeration which might look lame and not go well with the audience. When it comes to animation, you can do that in a jovial way that people would take sportively. It is the ‘suspension of disbelief’ while watching a cartoon that makes it fine for animated videos to go slightly full retard.  🙂

Cost Effective

Making Live action videos is expensive. Scouting for locations, actors, high-end cameras, lighting and sound equipment and what not? And if you want to show Eiffel tower in your video, well it is a different ball-game all together. Sitting in front of a computer, animation makes it all possible at a much lower cost, in a slightly different and fun way.

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